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    Menu Right Soft Key

    Hey Guys

    Im developing a widget and have come across a compatibility problem between the E52 and the N97. I am trying to make the right menu button goto the "home" view when clicked. On the N97 this works fine, but on the E52, the home screen is shown when the button is held down and once the key is released, the current view shows again. Any idea what I should be doing?

    function showNewView()
    menu.setRightSoftkeyLabel("Home", showMainView);

    function showMainView()
    // Reset softkey to exit
    menu.setRightSoftkeyLabel("", null);

    My understanding is that the E52 and N97 support the same version of WRT 1.1?


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    Re: Menu Right Soft Key


    Could you post more extensive code example?
    The problem you described is difficult reproduce and to debug based on only those lines.



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    Re: Menu Right Soft Key

    Hi there!

    I have got around the problem by adding a button instead of the menu.

    Thanks for the response


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