Hi there,

I have a problem with two Nokia 6212 classic phones communicating via NFC.

All I want is:
1. phone 1 touches phone 2 -> phone 2 sends a message to phone 1 via NFC
2. something happens on phone 1 (e.g. user input)
3. phone 1 touches phone 2 again -> phone 1 sends a message to phone 2 via NFC

I started with the P2PExample from the S40 Nokia 6212 NFC SDK, which worked fine. I got everything to work til point 3. The second touch doesnt work properly for some reason. Mostly it throws "com.nokia.nfc.NFCException: Send failed: send error". Sometimes it worked, but at the moment it always throws this error. I just can't figure out why as the code is pretty much the same as the first NFC contact and all my other working examples i tried.

What does this error mean? how can i localize the error?

Thx for any help!