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    Gif Support for Nokia 92xx Communicator

    See, I am trying to develop some simple programs for Nokia 92xx Communicator using Personal Java.
    Now, I am finding some difficult to deal with gif, jpg and png.
    Could anybody send any source code of an application (not too long, please) which works with those components?
    Please show the entire code and make any comment if necessary.

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    GIF and JPEG are supported (as is JDK 1.1.x standard) by java.awt.Toolkit.getImage() - PNG is not supported.

    Example code should be easy to find from Sun's website and from nearly all basic Java books (chack using MediaTracker to force 'real' image data loading).

    You should also take into account that loading bigger images will fail due to very low memory limitations.

    Hope this helps for a start,


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