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Thread: EMS images

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    EMS images

    I need images which can be sent as part of an ems massage for testing purpose. Where can I find these images. Preferable file format is .ani

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    I do not know of a Nokia phone which has native support for ".ani" images. You could possibly send these to your phone over MMS... however, the phones do not have a player or application which can display these images. However, you could always create your own application to display .ani images... or download it.

    For the same effect... try using just animated GIF.

    I assume by EMS you mean "Enhanced Message Service"?
    Remember that EMS (an extension to SMS) is very different and not at all related to MMS, and since this is an MMS discussion... You will probably have better luck just doing a search for ".ani images" on the an Internet Search engine.

    Have fun!

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