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    Copyright on N900 / Maemo 5


    I own my N900 for about one month now and I'm really happy with it.

    Only the view of the SMS History is kind of annoying.
    So I wanted to edit the files which are responsible for the look of it.

    These files are located in:
    For each category (SingleSMS, SMSConversation and ChatConversation) three files: html, css and js.

    But here's the problem:
    In some files is a copyright text located at the top which says that I have to contact Nokia
    if I want to change something there.
    * This software, including documentation, is protected by copyright
    * controlled by Nokia Corporation. All rights are reserved.
    * Copying, including reproducing, storing, adapting or translating,
    * any or all of this material requires the prior written consent of
    * Nokia Corporation. This material also contains confidential
    * information which may not be disclosed to others without the prior
    * written consent of Nokia.
    I wrote an Email to the german Nokia Support and they said I should try to ask here.

    So... am I allowed to modify these files?
    There are some users at maemo.org which like to get the mod too.
    Can I upload and share the modded files (or just the code) without getting into trouble?

    Thanks in advance and greetings from Germany,

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    Re: Copyright on N900 / Maemo 5

    I wrote the author of the files and he answered me today.
    You can feel free to "hack"/modify and upload/share these files.
    - closed -

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