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    Smile Sending an SMS from J2ME

    Hi Everyone,

    I wrote a midlet that read a file line by line, and build a text that it is used to be the PayloadText in the SMS Structure.

    The instruction to send the SMS works fine, but always I should to respond a question about the authorization to send the SMS.

    Does Exist a way to disable this question? I means, Does exist a way that the midlet send the SMS in an automatically way?

    Thank you!



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    Re: Sending an SMS from J2ME


    There is no such way which can hide this message .After signing the midlet also this message will come. I have no idea about java signing . Some one else may suggest on this .


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    Re: Sending an SMS from J2ME

    I guess this depends from the certificate you signed your midlet and the phone. Check if you can set the option manually to the desired setting.

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    Re: Sending an SMS from J2ME

    Will sound strange but I need your help to send SMS to a fixed number, I am not good in java/j2me and tried searching lot of examples on internet but most of them are using sms:// ie; using GPRS and not using underlying architecture of SIM card to send a normal text SMS, if you can help out ... please.

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