I have just came across TinyLine (www.tinyline.com) and it looks really promising.

The reasons which make me thing that are:

1) Supposedly I could get the SVG/XML file responsible for the GUI to be created by some designer and just hook up my JME code which would do all the "stuff" which is needed.
2) The look of the GUI can be MUCH better than those I would see by using Canvas or any other commonly used GUI framework for JME.
3) As it is a vector based technology (Good Lord! Oh yes!) I can have the exactly same SVG (XML) for every Java Phone as well for Android and (maybe ??) Windows Mobile regardless of their screen resolutions. The fucking SVG for IPhone is still something to be seen though.
4) I could make some updates to the GUI through a socket connection without needing to reinstall the application. (I am not sure about that as I don't know if I could store that XML onto RMS).

It seems a no-brainer to use TinyLine for GUI on JME. So why is it hard to find people using it?

BTW, I have also found BitFlash which seems to implement SVG 1.2 and they claim their solution is the fasted out there, but it looks like they don't sell to small companies with low volumes.