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    Image Formats...??

    sir i am able to capture an image and save it in bmp format...now my next task is to compare two images to find out the difference between them....so for that i have to read the image pixel by pixel....
    I am unable to understand the image format[its header format] from wikis..i am little bit confused how i can read the image height, width,resolution from the header...and put them into programming part such that i can read the data of that image...

    so please give me any link through which i can learn image programming like reading the image data pixel by pixel....

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    Re: Image Formats...??

    You don't need to understand formats. I'm not sure why you have a BMP, captured images are usually JPEGS. Either way, you would need to convert the captured byte[] into an Image.

    byte[] data = getCapturedImageFromSomewhere();
    Image img = Image.createImage(data, 0, data.length);
    From then on, you can find the width and height by asking the Image object. This we already discussed here.


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