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    Which of these features does PyS60 have?

    * Call Interception ( Listen to phone calls in progress)
    * Spycall ( Listen to the phones surroundings when the phone is not in use)
    * SIM Change Notification ( Receive SMS when SIM is changed)
    * GPS Tracking ( If the target has GPS , read the location coordinates)
    * CELL Tracking (See the Cell Name and Cell ID. mobile location tracking explained
    * SMS Logging (Read the contents of all incoming and outgoing SMS messages.)
    * Call History (View their entire call history)
    * EMAIL Logging, See complete emails sent from the mobile
    * Install directly from our internet download site, directly into the phone, No cables, No computer, No Hassle
    * Unlimited Device changes. ( Not tied to IMEI)

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    Re: Which of these features does PyS60 have?

    hello anand

    AFAIK the first three points will be difficult in PyS60, we can track GPS, we can know the cellid not the cell name. We can log sms read the call logs.

    If you have the Python Runtime then direct installtion will work, but as your application requires some extra capability you need to get the application symbian signed which is quite not possible to due runtime dependency issue.

    You need to explain the last point in a elaborate way, i didnt get that.


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