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    QStringList performance issues due to size()

    Edit: Never mind, i was stupid!
    Sorry for the thread!

    That code will be 10000+ times faster as a version where the size() call is uncommented.
    I thought it could be an issue with the size call that the size is recalculated each call, but after a short look at the source (I'm not too much into QT to be 100%) i couldn't verify that idea.

    I basicly want to save a ...
    QList<QStringList> data;
    ... to file. I have 100.000 QStringsList with 6 values each.

    Does anyone have an idea how to solve this faster?

    I appreciate any idea.

    bool QEyeTrackingDataSet::save(QFile &file)
    	if (!file.open(QIODevice::WriteOnly | QIODevice::Text))
             return false;
    	QTextStream out(&file);
    	QStringList line;
    	foreach (line, data)
    		QString str;
    		unsigned int cnt = 0;
    		//size_t s = line.size(); <------
    		foreach (str, line)
    			out << str;
    			//if(cnt != s)
    				out << "\t";		
    		out << endl;		
    	return true;
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