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    GPRS and WLAN work at the same time ?


    When we use the Nokia D211 build-in application, we found that it can only choose one mode (GSM, GPRS, or WLAN) each time. Can I set the two mode (GPRS and WLAN) to work at the same time ?


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    No. Using both radios simultaneously violates our European R&TTE certificate. Furthermore, the product has the same integrated antenna for both radios. Using both radios at the same time would decrease the antenna performance. Also power consumption might get too high for the PCMCIA slot in some laptops and PDAs. There is no guarantee that the card or the host device withstand the simultaneous operation of the both radios

    The Nokia D211 SDK (available from www.forum.nokia.com) allows developing applications that can automatically switch between the radios. Seamless roaming would require a Mobile IP solution in order to maintain the same IP address. Mobile IP is not a part of Nokia D211 product, but third party solutions could be used.

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