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    Nokia Mobile Server Services Logging

    Hi. I just wanted to ask a question about the Nokia Mobile Server Services SDK logging function. As it says in the Developer's Guide for MMSC, we need to set the nmslib.isLogEnabled and nmslib.logdir "SYSTEM VARIABLES". We took this to mean that we need to create environment variables with these names and set their values. We are trying to install the SDK in Solaris and we are using java. As such, in Solaris, that would mean setting something like

    nmslib.logdir=<some path to a directory where logs can be written to>
    export nmslib.isLogEnabled nmslib.logdir

    in the /etc/profile config file. The problem is I don't think Solaris accepts environment variable names / parameter names with a dot (.) in them. Thus, we get an error. Should we be setting something else other than an environment variable? Has the SDK actually been tested on Solaris (with logging capabilities turned on)? If so, can we have some example of how these "SYSTEM VARIABLES" are set?

    Thanks in advance for the response.

    -- ovchato --

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    Re: Nokia Mobile Server Services Logging

    I found that you can pass it as a java CLI -D param
    java -cp blah -Dnmslib.logdir=./logs test.MMSSendApp

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