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    How to operate menu option in a program in Touch Phone(S60_5th_edition)?

    Dear all,

    I m doing some OpenGLES work based on S60_3rd edition(SDK) platform. Now i want to use my application on S60_5th Edition(Touch Screen @ N97/5800).In Nokia OpenGLES 1.1 example showed that the phone buttons(left,right,up.down,yes,no,enter button etc.) can used to operate the menu of the program.but i don't know how it can be operate the menu in N97/5800.Becasue there is no buttons in this phone.So i have to touch the screen to operate menu option in this programs. So i need some documents/tutorials for touch coordinate to operate the menu option/select the object of this OpenGLES program in Nokia N97/5800.

    So where i can find tutorials/coding/documents for touch coordinate to operate the menu/select object in the Touch screen phone(S60_5th_ed)?

    plz help me...


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    Re: How to operate menu option in a program in Touch Phone(S60_5th_edition)?

    There is no difference in the way you handle menu commands. Although you are pressing the softkey buttons rather than the corresponding hardware keys, the commands are sent to you through the same HandleCommandL method. Of course the softkeys must be visible on screen in order for you to be able to tap them.
    -- Lucian

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