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    Nokia n97 GPRS Internet randomly connecting??

    HI there,
    I was wondering if you could help please.
    I am new to viewing Emails and browsing the web on my mobile, and have recently subscribed to a pay monthly sim.
    I set up access to my hotmail account via the mailbox in the messaging section of my N97 mini.
    Since then, my phone keeps randomly connecting to the internet ( or the icon on the screen appears to be connected). I deleted the hotmail account in my mailbox, but it is still connecting randomly.
    Prior to this problem, my phone connected to my home network if I was within range , or prompted me to connect to Orange GPRS if I was out of range. ( which is waht I would ideally like it to do.)

    Thanks in advance


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    Re: Nokia n97 GPRS Internet randomly connecting??

    Hi, I've been solving the same problem for some time. (because my battery life when using data transfer relly sucks) I tried to fight my way through connection settings but no success, but you gave me an Idea with the mail manager. It needs to feed data if you have recieved new mail. Turn the manager to offline mode (options/tools/go offline). When you want to collect mail just turn it online for a while. That solves problem with wifi at home as well.

    Hope it helped

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