i want to showing progress-bar on SWT MobileShell, i have done that but problem is that "my SWT MobileShell have SWT ListBox so when the progress-bar is running on the Mobileshell,at that time user can still clicking on the Background MobileShell ListBox item, is there any way to hide the MobileShell (i want to say that same happen when the SWT TimedMessageBox is pop-up on MobileShell and background screen(or shell) is become disable with black transparent color)

"i have also trying to putting progress-bar in shell and shell which is in mobileshell" but for that i want to doing that

My question is that i want to showing background shell behind top shell means i tell you that can i giving transparent effect or set any transparent color in mobile-shell which have progress-bar or i speak in another word " example like putting glass(as glass behave like my MobileShell which have progressbar) on shell so user can not click on the background shell but he can still to see it"

please help me on the above point

hey if anybody have idea then please reply me, its urgent, or any source code link, any example or any way for disable background shell with transparent black color so user can see the background shell but not click on the shell