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    Cancelling timer which is cancelled

    Javadoc for Timer.cancel method says: 'This method may be called repeatedly; the second and subsequent calls have no effect'. However, when cancel() is called for timer which is cancelled or not set, exception whith message 'Timer already cancelled' is raised.
    Can anybody clear, if there is a little bug in javadoc, or method behaviour was changed?

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    Re: Cancelling timer which is cancelled

    nothing strange there imho...
    As the documentation states after the first call the subsequent have no effect.. But just as an extra piece of info the Timer will tell you it has been cancelled allready
    It might cause some problems if it tells you so in an exception, but you could solve that by placing it in a try-catch (which, if I remember correctly, should be the case anyways) and ignoring that specific message...

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