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    Question start email editor with new nokia email client

    I would like to start email editor in my application but with new nokia email application in S60 5th I cant use
    RSendAsMessage sendAsMessage
    Maybe i don't know how to set up right TUid aMessageType

    Anybody know how??

    Old solution working fine with old email client but not with new nokia client

    Any solution?

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    Problem with Wtk Toolkit's QWERTY Key Input

    The TextField.PHONENUM is not working when run on Qwerty KB emulator of WTK.

    but it works properly when run on other Emulators of the WTK toolkit.

    i.e, The Qwerty emulator enable us to type all types of characters into text field instead of only PHONE NUMBER.

    I have also tested on NOKIA E63 phone. It gives the same problem as that of Qwerty Emulator of Sun WTK.

    Thank you,


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