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    shmoove and other kind devolopers plz helpme

    am a new devoloper and right now devoloping a j2me game.

    need help to :

    1- how can i rotate or scale an image in side the canvas ? or if there's any athor way to do so ???

    2- i wnt to move a ball for long distans by only one button click ! how can i do so plz?

    3-i have a back ground and a spacefic place for that ball to move in i wont prevent the ball from going out side that space ?

    i will be sooo graceful for youe help so plz reply to coz this is urgent.

    sorry for asking too much questions

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    1. Rotate and flip image can be done by Nokia UI API, all the Nokia Java-enabled phones and emulators support this fuction. Scale image can not be processed by any method of MIDP 1.0 specification or Nokia UI API, developers have to code this by themselves.

    2. Moving a ball by pressing one key: detect and catch the key press action and set the ball to the position you want in the method processing the key action and repaint the ball.

    3. I don't understand it clearly.


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