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    shmoove and other kind devolopers plz helpme

    am a new devoloper and right now devoloping a j2me game.

    need help to :

    1- how can i rotate or scale an image in side the canvas ? or if there's any athor way to do so ???

    2- i wnt to move a ball for long distans by only one button click ! how can i do so plz?

    3-i have a back ground and a spacefic place for that ball to move in i wont prevent the ball from going out side that space ?

    i will be sooo graceful for youe help so plz reply to coz this is urgent.

    sorry for asking too much questions

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    The answer to your for first question is that scaling is not supported. You need to create separate images for each ball.

    The two other questions are related to general programming or graphics programming. It's not easy to give a short answer to them. Check info on using looping constructs for the second question. For the third, as you know the position of the ball, solution is boundary checking.


    Petteri / Forum Nokia

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    It has been a while since this was posted but this might still interest many people.
    Image scaling using pure MIDP (no propietary APIs):


    If the link doesn't work then try:

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    thanx a lot to shmoove:)

    realy that was very help full inspite i posted long time ago ...
    i whould like u to contact me at emenim5@hotmail.com at soon as possible plz

    thanx again!

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