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    Beginning RFID interaction program

    Hey all,
    First post as you can see. Sorry if this is not the right place. I'm looking to develop a small application to make a Nokia N95 interact with another device through RFID. From my travels on the internet I can see that NFC is back compatible with RFID and I was looking for the quickest way to get a small App into beta.

    I am a C++ coder at heart.
    I have worked on one shipped iPhone title and during college we studied Java, Ruby and a whole host of other nice things.

    From start (getting an IDE) to finish (Clicking Compile & Run) what do I need?


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    Re: Beginning RFID interaction program

    Well as far as I know there is no N95 capable of NFC.

    To start with NFC I recommend to use SDK for Nokia 6212 NFC and NetBeans or Eclipse as IDE. Check the menu on the left side of this pagae for a lot more information.

    Here is a shortcut to NFC Wiki

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