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    View HTML Resource on Classpath

    Hello all,

    I am trying to port an application to the S60 platform, and the application has resources that are in HTML. On the original platform, it appears that a web browser could be invoked that would read from the contents of the .jar file. Can that be done on the S60 platform?

    I have seen examples of using platformRequest to open a file that is located in the filesystem, so I tried getting the HTML content with getResourceAsStream and copying it out to the filesystem, but when I call platformRequest, the phone's browser can't open the file due to security restrictions. Nokia doesn't seem to have much information on how its filesystem permissions are set up, except to say that it differs across devices. What would be the most appropriate/portable place to put this content so the default browser can see it?

    I'm pretty sure all the devices we're currently supporting use S60 5th edition, if that helps. A (positive) answer to either question would be sufficient. The content I am extracting is a very small and static set of HTML and image files, but they link to each other, so once I hand control over to the browser, it will need to have access to them all by their original names.


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    Re: View HTML Resource on Classpath

    it seems to me hard to think that the Web Browser would open that file with platformRequest, first of all, there's no http call (which is the one asking the browser to call). Localhost cannot be used since there is no server running and listening to some port.

    Sounds to me a solution could be Content Handler API, but only some phones support that (S40).
    What phone are you using?

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    Re: View HTML Resource on Classpath

    Wouldn't the browser be opened for a "file:" URL, for a file ending ".html"?

    Failing the file system, you could, if you felt really adventurous, build a mini HTTP server in your MIDlet...


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