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    5th cemice congress(5to congreso de cemice)

    well i'm truly lost i am looking for any nokia employ who can help me on a certain and weird issue
    i am part of the logistic team of this project and we are looking for some help with nokia any avaliable support would be helpfull
    this time the congress is about nanotechnology we are supossed to have Mr Zygmut Rymusa(not confirmed) 2 other personalities on that area from usa and many other mexican personalities,it's origunaly produced an organized from the “The Mexican Electronic & Electronic Communications Engineer Association” form it’s Spanish abbreviation “AMICEE” (Asociación Mexicana de Ingenieros en Comunicaciones Eléctricas y Electrónica)i've hope i Could find any avaliable cintact and not to infringe any internal law of this disscussion board

    Yours faithfully
    Erick Daniel Aceves Bastida
    5th cemice logistic team manager

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    Re: 5th cemice congress(5to congreso de cemice)

    Send me an e-mail and I'll forward it to our Technical Services and Consultantcy group in Mexico. My mail address is in mny signature.


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