CPbkViewState is used to open a view of the contacts application using the default contact database.
Is it possible to use it to open the contacts application pointing to an arbitrary contact database.

I have been playing with SetCurrentDatabase(), with code like:

	TFileName defaultdbname;
	CContactDatabase* defaultDb;	//	Default database
	defaultDb = CContactDatabase::OpenL();
	CleanupStack::PushL(defaultDb);			//	+ defaultDb
	int idebug = defaultDb->SetCurrentDatabase(KPMContactDatabase);
	CPbkViewState* pbkViewParam = CPbkViewState::NewLC();	//	+ pbkViewParam
	HBufC8* paramBuf = pbkViewParam->PackLC();		//	+ paramBuf
	const TUid appUid = {0x101f4cce};
	AppUi()->ActivateViewL(TVwsViewId(appUid, TUid::Uid(0x03)), CPbkViewState::Uid(), *paramBuf);
//	defaultDb->SetCurrentDatabase(defaultdbname);
	CleanupStack::PopAndDestroy(2); //	- paramBuf, pbkViewParam
	CleanupStack::PopAndDestroy(1); //	- defaultDb
but I have not got it right yet. Any help will be appreciated.