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    Unhappy nokia N95 batterie cover


    I am realy disapointed of nokia service and garantie. The cover from the batterie at my N95 is broken, means the little peaces to keep it at his place. this during the garantie and from normal use, also no drop to the flor or anything else.
    As it is quite am expensive mobilphone I would expect, that such a simple thing would not happen. At the maximum of disapointment is the answer from Nokia to my salespoint, that the cover must be payed by me with SFr.14.90.

    If a peace like this break from normal use I guess it should be normal, that Nokia would replace it free of charge during garantie.

    If this is normal customercare, then I sugest to all people..never by a nokia again!!! its not my first nokia, but I guess my last.

    greats from a fully frustrated customer

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    Re: nokia N95 batterie cover

    This is not the right forum for Nokia product discussion. You probably should post to http://www.nokia.com/discussions/ or go to Go to http://europe.nokia.com/support and find the Nokia Care services group of links from where you can select "Contact Nokia Care" and then select your country of choice under "Call or e-mail Nokia Care".


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