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    Question Erro on setdefaultview

    hi i have 2 views

    iTarifadorContainerView = CTarifadorContainerView::NewL();
    AddViewL( iTarifadorContainerView );

    iDesinstalacaoView = CDesinstalacaoView::NewL();
    AddViewL( iDesinstalacaoView );

    SetDefaultViewL( *iTarifadorContainerView );

    is set iTarifadorContainerView the app open, but set iDesinstalacaoView the app open and close immediately.

    before this work, any change in my stop, I could not identify, I tried to leave empty put ui did not work, what can be?

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    Re: Erro on setdefaultview


    Can you please eloborate you problem? I don't get what exactly your problem is.


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    Re: Erro on setdefaultview

    I suppose it is crashing, so get the panic code: http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.ph...ded_panic_code

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    Exclamation Re: Erro on setdefaultview

    hello, my mistake was that there was an event created in another object that was building the construct method of my view for some reason it generated when you start to view if it was not the standard, then moved to the construction method and it worked doactive: D

    Now that legal code panic, a pity that I can not use the emulator, for use only resources that the device works: (

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