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    Before Publishing

    Hi everybody,

    i have some questions regarding OVI. I want to develop a application which is using maps and/or navigation. But now the questions:

    1.) are there any costs for development tools, etc?
    2.) is it possible to deploy the app on my own phone without using the store? Or is there another way to deploy?
    3.) do i have to share my application within the store or can i use the app by my own only?

    Thank you for your help!

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    Re: Before Publishing

    unfortunately there are no public offering which you could use for Maps and Navigation development, thus you would need to wait untill there is such offering available.

    Normally there are free tools available for development, and I have not seen any indicator that would indicate that the situation would be changing, but the actual tool support would also need to be checked when there would be any public development offering available, for which the tools could be used.

    Also same goes with the store, as there is no public development offering available, the issue would need to wait untill there would be any public offering available.

    As well as there are no public road maps for any public development offering available in any public space, so any such offering if and when it would be available would be communicated later if necessary.

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