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    Another problem with sales figures

    We all know very well that sales reporting does not work here ( my experience tells me that the 'per device' percentages keep being updated every day but the 'per country' as well as 'total' sales figures keep experiencing up to 1-week long hiccups ).

    Now however the 'per country' and 'total' figures have just been updated ( the 'sales per day' graph shows me yesterday's bar ) so at the moment I should have all of those lists synchronized, right?

    If however I take the least popular device's sales percentage and assume that means 1 sale, I can ( being careful to take into account the fact that those 'per device' percentages can be rounded up or down up to 0.1% ) arrive at precise sales figure. And so it happens that this figure is about 10% higher than the one reported by the 'per country' and 'total' lists.

    What gives?
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