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    Hi All,

    I used CMdaAudioOutputStream to play AAC file. It worked perfectly on N96, however it didnt play on N86. It gives error -5 (not supported). Looking ath the specifications of the phones, both N86 and N96 are
    Operating system: Symbian OS 9.3
    Nokia S60 third edition, feature pack 2

    So why is the descrepency? Has anyone tried to do the same on N86?


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    Re: CMdaAudioOutputStream

    No one answered yet?

    The reason for the "discrepancy" is that the N86 and N96 are based on different hardware architectures.

    For multimedia development purposes, just knowing that a phone runs Symbian 9.3 & S60 3.2 doesn't provide sufficient information. Knowing to which hardware family a phone belongs, may give you an idea about how certain APIs can be expected to perform.

    You can try to group S60 3.2 phones into three hardware families:
    1) Family "RO"
    Single CPU, 369/434 MHz ARM 11
    • N85
    • N86
    • E75
    • 5730 XpressMusic
    • 6220 classic

    2) Family "RU"
    Single CPU, 600 MHz ARM 11
    • E52
    • E55
    • 6710 Navigator

    3) Family "R.I.P."
    Dual processor, 264 MHz ARM 9
    • N96 - the one and only!


    Changing chipsets, DSPs, drivers, and not publicly documented platform software modifications between (and within) families can make big differences for multimedia applications.

    AAC stream handling is one case where hardware abstraction accessible from the S60 SDKs does not provide a uniform interface for applications.

    Supporting application development is at best a tertiary priority activity within Nokia. Purchasing previously successful, independent companies and then mismanaging the acquired IP and assets is a higher priority for example.

    Best of luck with writing Nokia S60 hardware independent, AAC audio streaming code. I'm looking at it too and it's not easy.

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