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    Question OVi store : is it worth it?

    I've got my first application running on my 5800 here, it's been also tested in on an N97 and I'll test on other Touch models in that range.
    Now I come to think about publishing on the OVi store and have spent the entire evening trawling through the forums and assorted documents to get an idea of what I'm up against.
    I'd love some feedback from anyone who's published, or has useful info on this.
    As I see it, I now need to spend $50 + $200 + $20 = $270 to get registered, signed and to submit this app. Does that sound about right, or have I missed something?
    Many posts on the forums worried me, regarding possible return on investment, and that unless I sell several thousands copies of my app at something greater than 2 Euros, then I'll not see much in the way of cash in the bank.
    This is not a huge concern, as this first app was just really to "test the water" so to speak, and it's been an interesting ride so far, with Nokia dev.

    My main question therefore is : Do many other developers feel that their time and money was worth it, to have gotten their app on the OVi store.

    I know that most people may not want to quote actual download figures, or how much money they made, and that no one can know how many sales my app is likely to get (short of having a crystal ball), but I'd love to get a sense of just whether it's worth going to the next step, and actually publish.
    Thanks in advance, for any feedback.

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    Re: OVi store : is it worth it?


    I my opinion the Ovi Store is like any other appstore - in principle, and it is up to the content provider to market the app to attract the most sales.

    But what you propably want to know is whether there is any significant number of users actually using the store and therefore as a content provider to have a fair chance of making a little money, despite not being to make any significant marketing.
    What I can say in short is - Yes. A low profile product at 1 - 2 Euros should definitely be able to make your investment in getting signed up back. How quick it will happen, is difficult to say, it depends on the product.

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    Re: OVi store : is it worth it?

    it very much depends if you also need to set up a business infrastructure with limited company, tax seat etc.

    For me, the whole effort has not really paid off so far. But the actual cost for express signing was always recouped within 2 weeks.
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