Hi all.
If you started by mistake or by chance on PyS60 1.4.5, then don't. Start right away with PyS60 1.9.x ( latest that worked for me is 1.9.6) on Windows only. Don't program using Linux ( I am a Linux fan already) as it will not be helpful to you. Build your sis file from python script using the tool accompanied with the Windows Installer.

Thanks to the hero of this page:

you can get rid of appswitch module of PyS60 1.4.5. and use AppTools module to set your program to work as a background process.

PHP Code:
#arg is the unicode of application title
#In fact, the value of arg must be equal the same words that you usually see under the application's icon 
#in the Applications folder of your mobile
import apptools
You will have to sign the AppTools sis file using the Open Signed Online here:

Thanks to the hero again.