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    Question THAWTE incompatible OVI devices


    i am looking for a list of the all NOKIA OVI devices which are not compatible with the THAWTE Java signing certificate...according to the Q&A this are at least the following S60 handsets:

    6650 fold
    6210 Navigator
    5320 XpressMusic

    Does anybody now where i can find the complete list or which other devices are not working with THAWTE? ...especially any S40 devices?...also it seems some handsets does not have installed the THAWTE root certificate... we have problems signing Nokia 5000 for example...



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    Re: THAWTE incompatible OVI devices

    It is pretty much impossible to construct such a list. For some models, it may depend on firmware version. Or it might depend on where the device was purchased. If it's a T-Mobile US device, then it will have no Thawte (or Verisign, or Java Verified) certificate, no matter what model it is.

    However, if you find a list, please share it with us!

    You might want to try the Ovi forum, if you haven't already.


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