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    Question THAWTE incompatible OVI devices?


    i am looking for a list of the all NOKIA OVI devices which are not compatible with the THAWTE Java signing certificate...according to the Q&A this are at least the following S60 handsets:

    6650 fold
    6210 Navigator
    5320 XpressMusic

    Does anybody now which other devices from OVI Q&A are not working with THAWTE? ...especially any S40 devices?



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    Re: THAWTE incompatible OVI devices?

    Hello Torquay77,

    The only ones Nokia has informed me about for Thawte at this point are 5320 6210 6650. Are you sure about the N73?

    There's a wiki on the certificates supported by various handsets:


    If the N73 should go in there, please feel free to add it to the Wiki.

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    Re: THAWTE incompatible OVI devices?

    Dear publishers,

    We've confirmed that N73 is working properly with Thawte certificate. There are only 3 devices currently not working with Thawte: 5320 6210 6650

    Hope this helps. If you have further question, please contact us publishtoovi.support@nokia.com.

    OVI publisher support manager

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