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    Hi guys,

    I'm doing a little project on CCamera and have used the SetFlashL to set different flash modes such as EFlashForced and EFlashAuto.

    The question I'm having is with regards to EFlashNone.

    When I do SetFlashL(CCamera::EFlashNone), it seems as though something as a 'flash' still occurs when I take a picture. The flash is a lot dimmer but still white.. More like a 'blink', and in the case of the E72 the 'blink' is a RED bleep.

    I'd just like to confirm, is this the behavior of EFlashNone? Is there a way to get rid of even that little blink?

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    Re: CCamera::EFlashNone

    The little blink you are seeing is not flash, but capture indication that shows the people in the scene that you are taking an image. You can not disable capture indication since it is mandated by law in some countries.

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