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    setting MIDlet-Icon


    In my application i want to set Midlet-Icon.I am using netbeans ide to develop this application.i have did this below procedure,
    right on project -> open properties
    clicked on application Descriptor menu ->click on MidLet
    Here i am trying to edit Midlet suit properties.when i click on Edit button i am not getting any pop-up.

    IS there any solution to set MidLet-Icon.

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    Re: setting MIDlet-Icon

    Hello s.suryakiran,

    in Projects window, place an image of PNG format in same path where your src code is. Check then again the Application Descriptor's drop down menu.

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    Re: setting MIDlet-Icon

    The solution is rather simple, but it is hardly explained in any place: Copy the PNG file under <Project>\src\images (create "images" folder if it does not exist). After that, the image file(s) will appear in the drop-down menu.

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