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    Question Alow this apllication ?? Error

    In my J2me application in Nokia 7210 Supernova, when I open the application, a message
    satating "Allow network Acces" pops up repeatedly an even after pressing "Yes" or " no" but the message Pops UP rerpeatedly.

    Suggestion to solve the issue are appreciated in advance.

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    Re: Alow this apllication ?? Error

    just open the network setting from web n go to settings and then select general type then access ponit from there select user defined type network access

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    Re: Alow this apllication ?? Error

    In the Application Manager, select Options for the application, the look at the application access menu. You will find various options. You should be able to change "network access" from "ask every time" to "ask first time only".

    You will probably see the option "always allow" as disabled. You may be able to enable this option by signing your application appropriately. Note that this will cost you money, there is no free option.


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