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    Question Tool to read .rms file

    i would like to know if there's some tool ( for free | for fee ) to read the .rms file generated by a JME app.
    I copied a .rms file from my mobile device ( nokia 1680 ) to my PC, but i would like to open it and see other ways to deal with this info.

    Thanx in advance, and sorry for my bad english =0)

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    Re: Tool to read .rms file

    I'm not aware of any such tool. RMS files have no standard format, and manufacturers do not generally document the format (or formats) that their devices use, since the files are not intended for exchanging information with other applications (certainly not with applications on other devices).

    The main options for exchanging data between a J2ME application and a PC are:

    1. Use the FileConnection API to write a file in a format you choose.
    2. Use the Bluetooth API (though, not on a 1680 - no BT).
    3. Send data over-the-air using, for example, an HttpConnection.


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    Thanx Graham for your kind answer! I think I'll have to write some J2ME code to "export" the data to a .txt file (?) inside my device, and transfer it to my PC

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