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    Nokia 6212 emulator capture image exception occured Invalid locator

    I am using 6212 emulator and devloping the application.

    Can any one them answer me the questions what i have now.

    1) Does 6212 emulator (S40 5th edition) supports capturing images, videos and audio recording?

    2) I am developing a small application for capture the images and i am using following code
    player = Manager.createPlayer("capture://image");
    videoControl = (VideoControl)player.getControl("VideoControl");
    Item item = (Item)videoControl.initDisplayMode(GUIControl.USE_GUI_PRIMITIVE, null);
    byte[] raw = videoControl.getSnapshot(null);
    Image image = Image.createImage(raw, 0, raw.length);

    and i am getting following error
    Invalid locator capture://image.
    Can any one know about this issue???

    Insted of capture://Image if i use capture://video same exception occur.

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    Re: Nokia 6212 emulator capture image exception occured Invalid locator

    hi i too have the same problem in capture the image. while run the app , throw a null exception. can u help how to capture the image on s40 nokia 6212


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