I'm developing an application for N95, and I really really need to use autofocus in macro mode. I tried using the standard camera wrapper; though basic autofocus works, I can't get it to change focus mode and browsing around the net, I found it seems to work only on FP2 devices.
So I tried to write another camera wrapper using the CCamAutoFocus lib from the old example, which should work for FP1 devices. Right now my app works perfectly if I don't use autofocus, but anytime I try to use a AttemptOptimisedFocusL call, i immediately get a OptimisedFocusComplete callback with an error code of -15.
I read -15 means "Server terminated error", but I really can't figure what's wrong. I followed pretty much this example...
Anyone has had the same problem? Anyone has any idea of which server gets terminated and why?
Thanks in advance for any help.