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    LWUIT 1.3 on N73


    I have just downloaded the last version of LWUIT - 1.3 - and I have tried to upload (with bluetooth) the demo on my N73 phone (I think it is the editor.jar file) but before the installation, the phone said that the jar file is invalid ?

    Someone has tested the demo of the LWUIT 1.3 on a phone ? Perhaps dont't I use the correct file ? The project has perhaps to be build with Netbeans in order tohave the correct jar file ?

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    Re: LWUIT 1.3 on N73

    Finally, the "editor.jar" is not the demo of LWUIT it is the LWUIT Designer for the PC.

    The UIDemo.jar has to be build with Netbeans and should be present on the dist sub-directory.


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