i am trying to do a server which would allow me to call/send message through my phone whenever i want, using internet.

I mean for example i went to an other country, i leave my telephone plugged to pc, and from another country i could call througth that phone.

I am searching for technologies, which would allow me to do it. I am not experienced, so simpler software would be prefered, as well as free, but i don't mind to pay for it or learn a lot of about it.

could you please refer me to what problems i will encounter. and most importantly what software should i use(for example can i do it with asteriskNOW? windows server 2008? both of them i do have.
i would love to hear: what should be installed 1.on phone. 2. on pc.
if you would refer me to tutorials it would be even greater, but i think it would be too much to ask, so i think with necessary programs i will learn to do it on myself.

i do have a big variety of nokia phones, from old to s60v5, my preferable testing devices at the moment would be: 6131 or n70. both is s60v3.

i do have unlimited internet for pc.in addition to this on mobile phone too, so if i could avoid computer, and start server somehow on mobile phone alone, it would be even greater.

hope i post questions in right place? and hope someone will help me, thanks anyway.