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    S40 App with multiple XML sources

    I'm building an app for series 40, it's a news and info app which will display data from multiple XML/rss sources.

    Some feeds have lots of data and I only want to show portions of it.

    Since flash imports the whole feed when you specify the feed URL I think I need to import the feeds into a database first and then in flash call a php page that queries the db for the data that I need.

    This seems to be an efficient way to do it since the user only downloads the data they wanted, ultimately saving money in network charges.

    Just wondering if any one in the community had any pointers/advice.


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    Smile Re: S40 App with multiple XML sources

    If u r a beginner to Flash & PHP interaction, then i will advice u to go through few basic articles and test them on ur device to check out in which way they are working . Here are few very easy & basic PHP tutorials :
    Flash & PHP interaction
    Flash & PHP
    Thats it.Now , to achieve ur goal, u can simply load a portion of xml/rss file using file_get_contents API in PHP (Read Example #3) & then pass this loaded xml to flash lite client.No need of a database in simple cases. But if u have to load the xml from database & do the above procedure then u must have some knowledge of SQL too . Read here:
    Basic Flash, PHP & SQL
    Flash, PHP & SQL Integration
    Hope it helps u..

    Best Regards,

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