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    Data on Paid Apps

    Can Anyone/Nokia share any data on how many paid apps are downloaded, This will encourage us developers to consider it as a viable serious business or keep it just as another side acitivity. It will also help in considering developing serious apps which needs investment in hiring good talent

    I have not found any article/new which mentions the ammount of sale that happens in Ovi Store.
    The only mention is about total downloads which is claimed to 1 million per day, all of which could be just free apps

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    Re: Data on Paid Apps

    The best I can offer is the type of quantitative information we offer to the press. It can be found on Bill's Blog here: http://www.mobileperry.com/2010/01/o...-jan-2010.html

    It's is updated regularly. It may not have the meat you are looking for. What I can say, from a quantitative perspective is, Nokia has the largest deployment of handsets of any manufacturer. While it's deployment of of smartphones does not greatly outpace others in the space, that's not necessarily the device that users with disposable income are using. There is a huge deployment of S40 and S60 devices which bring a massive audience for your applications. In fact, if you publish a great, well-priced S40 game, you could do very well.
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    Re: Data on Paid Apps

    Hi Raks,

    I saw a link on this blog, has some really good data, including paid apps.


    Cheers, Posri

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