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    widget-flash-sensor problem(buffer efect) solved...

    first when I new about flash API I wanted to develop an application with sensor... you know, a ball moved around... but I had a problem... the "asynchronous" function doesn't work properly, it has some kind of buffering (the more the program runs the more time between action and reaction - after 30s move rotate phone and after 1-2s view on screen the movement... )

    now I have learn about widgets... and I try to take sensors from javascript... but the same problem... unless you slow down the setVariable in flash... seems that javascript throws into flash with more that 15-25FPS, and somehow javascript trowing is put on hold until flash sets that variable (25FPS - about 40ms); that means that if the callback function is trigged at every about 10ms the second value arives in flash after 120ms, not after 20ms as it should be... so I have slowed down the setVariable kind of like this:
    var T=0;
    var flashFPS=15;
    function flashSetVar(str){
    	var t=new Date();
    		document.getElementById("flashOBJ").SetVariable("flashVAR", str);
    		T=new Date();
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