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    Question Which phones support SMS via AT commands?

    How can I determine which phones support sending and receiving SMS messages via AT commands from an external device? I've searched, and found people asking similar questions, but I never saw a clear answer.

    I'm looking at purchasing a cheap phone to act as a remote control for an aircraft engine preheat system. I want to connect the phone to a microcontroller, and have the microcontroller know when the phone receives SMS. I want the microcontroller to command the phone to send an SMS to when the preheater is selected ON or OFF. I've found good deals on Nokia 1208, 1661, 2630, 2680, 2720, 2760, and 3555 phones. But I cannot find any evidence as to which, if any, of these phones might be suitable.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    Kevin Horton
    Ottawa, Canada

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    Re: Which phones support SMS via AT commands?

    Use Mobile which have GSM modem.

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