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Thread: Known issue ?

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    Known issue ?


    I'm developing an application for the Nokia 6120classic. As you might have read from my previous posts i'm using a socket connection to connect to the server. Uptil then everything is fine, apart from that reading byte by byte works fine and reading the whole stream (using the ByteArrayOutputStream) fails for some very strange reason. (This only fails on the phone so its bit difficult to debug, because it sends the HELLO~, the server replies with an OK~ but apparently the application doesn't read the OK~ for some reason :s

    But the strange thing is that when i close the application and close all resources obviously, the connection, stream etc... the server doesn't detect that it has disconnected.

    Are there any issues known to these strange things happening ? Mind you i'm developing for another device and the code works 100% both when the application closes and even when it tries to read the whole inputstream at once.

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    Re: Known issue ?

    Trying to find out why is this happening...
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