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    Question black area on S60 3rd when display a png

    Hi all,

    I use our in-house J2SE tool-kit to create a picture with a transparent background (fill the background with black color and turn Alpha chanel to max) then import it to game.

    When I test the imported picture on N95 (S60 3rd), some times (not all the time), I get some black area instead of transparent background.

    I can only reproduce this issue on N95, my S60 1st and S40 5th display PNG files correctly.

    I'm thinking maybe it's a pb of numbers of color?

    Any idea? Thanks much


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    Re: black area on S60 3rd when display a png

    This may be connected to the format of the PNG. Do you know what it is? I recommend using 8 bits per pixel.

    For maximum compatibility, the transparent colour should be at palette index 0, and should have RGB values that are not the same as any opaque colour. However, these should not affect behaviour on Nokia devices.


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