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    Help: how to use WRT only in Portrait mode?

    hi all,

    i am a new guy. please can you tell me what piece of code do i need to add to my wrt so that it only works in the portrait mode even with the keyboard out or phone turned to landscape mode (i.e. accelerometer function)



    a code for only landscape mode would also be cool :P

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    Re: Help: how to use WRT only in Portrait mode?

    Hi gomcoite,

    check out these references on Forum Nokia Library:
    * http://library.forum.nokia.com/index...38EAFE985.html
    * http://library.forum.nokia.com/index...1823A4534.html


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    Re: Help: how to use WRT only in Portrait mode?

    Hi Jappit,

    i have same problem , i want to make WRT in Portrait only. i checked your links but it is broken , i try to open this link for last two days but display "site not found".

    can you please guide me again for the same question?

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    Re: Help: how to use WRT only in Portrait mode?

    Hi gomcoite and vimalrajpara.

    You can use widet.setDisplayPortrait to do that. Remember to check first does device support rotation using widget.isrotationsupported.
    For landscape mode you can use widget.setDisplayLandscape


    if (widget.isrotationsupported) {
    // change the screen orientation

    - Vilu

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