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    Smile fileaceess permission popup


    i have creating one application for Nokia N97 devices, i am copying some images in Nokia N97 drive(E drive), when i testing the application it gives pop-up with two option such as:-(1)Allow Once and (2) Allow for this Session,
    how can i remove that pop-up , is there any way to remove file-access permission?

    give me help in this point ,it is really urgent

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    Re: fileaceess permission popup

    Go to the menu, then "Settings", "Application Manager", "Installed Apps". Find the application in the list, select "Options", "Suite Settings". Try changing "Read user data" and "Write user data" from "ask every time" to "ask first time only".

    You will not be able to remove the pop-ups completely. To enable the "always allow" option, your application needs to be trusted. See here for more information about trusted applications.


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    ya sure. To remove completely these alerts u have to sign ur application.. ofcourse N97 has "Ask once" option but many of the devices nokia or others dont have "Ask Once" option activated. Better to get ur application signed so that u can remove these alerts.


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