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    Question ESWT -- 1) Combo & 2) ScrollBar


    2 questions, first, can I change the height of the combo widget? when it is not dropped down it is too thick, I want it thinner.

    Second, can I make scrollbars thinner on List, Combo thinner or perhaps just turn them off?

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    Re: ESWT -- 1) Combo & 2) ScrollBar

    Combo look & feel is tied to the native component and in order to be able to keep it usable, it can not go smaller than a certain height. Scrollbars thickness is also the same story.
    However you can turn them Scrollbars off on the List or hide them. Scrollbar creation is controlled by the SWT.H_SCROLL and SWT.V_SCROLL flags but the lack of vertical scrollbar has some side-effects on certain cases to scrolling. You can hide the scrollbars using the something like Scrollable.getVerticalBar().setVisible(false)

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