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    Smile eswt text contro; problem

    hello friend

    i have using eswt Text control with multi line property ,i have developing application for Nokia N97 devices , whenever if mobile word prediction property is on it gives problem with eswt text Control

    such like happen -it not accept the all character of full prediction word, so user have must entered the full-word

    scenario like---when i want to write-----"when" when i press w it gives possibility of when
    but i just pressing w and then click on save command it saves in j2me rms
    but when i open it again it is blank

    please help me on how to handle prediction on problem with eswt Text control

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    Re: eswt text contro; problem

    I guess you are trying to disable predictive input.
    Take a look at the TextExtension the NON_PREDICTIVE flag on TextExtension is designed to do just that.

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